YAMEI provides vinyl and urethane faux leather to a vast array of end users and markets throughout the world. We pride ourselves in the creation of upholstery to meet the design, construction and performance appropriate for its application.


For many years, Yamei has served the needs of designers, architects and manufacturers involved in the specification of contract applications by providing them with a single, comprehensive resource for upholstery fabrics. We offer high quality vinyl and urethane fabrics that provide the performance requirements demanded by the application including hospitality, healthcare, spa covers, decorative, contract, airports and offices.

Our design expertise and broad manufacturing capabilities are well known. Our designers and engineers will work with you to achieve your desired result. Or if you have specific performance requirements, our manufacturing and technical experts can tailor a construction for you.



YAMEI's marine grade quality coated fabrics have protected pleasure craft and commercial vessels for years through careful engineering and use of the finest raw materials to meet mother nature head-on.

Since 2007, we are the industry’s “one-stop-producing” resource for watercraft interior and exterior upholstery, along with a number of performance accessories. Our products are supplied directly to OEM manufacturers, as well as to distributors and seat builders.

YAMEI performance vinyl and urethane upholstery has you covered in the marine OEM and aftermarkets. Yamei's broad product offering is unmatched.


For automotive OEM, aftermarket and Refurbishment, YAMEI upholstery is a durable and attractive vinyl designed to meet the performance requirements of climate and VOC.

YAMEI OEM and aftermarket Automotive Vinyl and Urethane Upholstery leads the way in innovation and customer satisfaction. Innovation, industry leading design, attention to detail, product performance, process expertise, best in class customer service and satisfaction all provide the backbone for Yamei Automotive. We provide interior trim materials (PVC and urethane) for Seat Cover, Door and Side Panel, Sun Visor and Heel mat.

We provide solid supported and supported expanded vinyls for seating and cut and sew operations. Our range of products include luxurious, leather like textures and 4 way balanced stretch products to improve cutting facilities process efficiencies.

Our products include UEV’s (unsupported expanded vinyls), supported expanded vinyl, TPU composites and TPO composites. Our products are versatile and functional in the most demanding processes, including Compression Molding, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Low Pressure Molding, Hand Wrap, Applications and Reaction Injection Molding.


“Fusion of inspiration and technology” = “Creation of functional beauty”
Since our establishment, we have been working to create shoes leather that are both functional and fashionable. Our synthetic leather captures the needs of the times and is treasured by our customers. We believe that a fusion of inspiration and technology creates functional beauty. Our success in this market is based on years of experience in developing synthetic leather for shoes.


Yamei PVC and PU leathers feature an extensive line of patterns, grains and colors. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders, each pattern was designed to add lasting value to your restoration projects.

New material with perfect combination of fashion and classic by innovation devolep, Variety of products, fashion colors, patterns, wax touch, etc.
Excellent performance in integrated physical properties, anti-bacterial, scratch and scuff resistance, Phthalate Free.


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